The Smarter Way of Time Tracking for Organizations

We have been witnessing a rapid growth of technology over the past few decades. In the blink of an eye, film cameras gave way to digital cameras, bulk and clunky displays were replaced by slim LED panels which are becoming foldable as we speak. The technological advancement and the impact it has on our lives is quite huge and it is inevitable. If technology can change how we perceive things entirely, then why not apply it to the current attendance management systems?

That’s right. An updation in the traditional attendance management systems is long overdue. Many of the organizations still use the same old register for marking the attendance of the employees. Even though we had seen the usage of biometric attendance management systems, there are quite a few disadvantages of using biometric-based attendance marking system. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier and efficient if we could use our smartphones for marking our own attendance when we enter our office or workplace premises? That’s where WorkforceTime™ makes sense.

WorkforceTime™ can be perhaps regarded as the future of attendance management systems. To understand this, let us look into the cons of current systems and compare it with WorkforceTime™.

Waiting in Long queues for Clocking In

For both register based and biometric-based clock in systems, the employees will have to wait in queues for some time before clocking in during the peak hours. This is not only a frustrating experience but also eats into valuable productivity time. With WorkforceTime™, you are automatically clocked in when you enter the office premises by means of GPS based location tracking and presence of office WiFi routers. There’s no more waiting in long queues

Hygiene Concerns

This is a major drawback of fingerprint-based biometric attendance management systems. With more and more people physically using the same device, some might be a little hesitant towards using fingerprint authenticated biometric attendance management systems. WorkforceTime™, being an app-based solution, there is no need to worry about hygienic concerns.

Easily Manipulated

You know it, we know it and everyone knows it. Altering the entries and forging signatures is an easy task for register based attendance management systems. If we take the example of biometric systems, one could easily punch in and leave to wherever he/she needs to go only to come back for punching out. But in the case of WorkforceTime™, the location of employee is also monitored. So when the employee leaves his work premises, he is automatically clocked out, thus giving the exact sum of worked hours in a day.

There you have it. You have seen how WorkforceTime™ eliminates the drawbacks of the existing systems. But it doesn’t just stop there. There are many more features that make WorkforceTime™ a must have for any organization.

Easy to Set Up

Being a mobile app solution, configuring the WorkforceTime™ application is an effortless task.

Real-Time Statistics and Data

With access to real-time data, employees and management can get useful information at a glance with the help of smart bar and pie charts provided by the WorkforceTime™ application.

News and Alerts for Employees

WorkforceTime™ makes broadcasting news and alerts to your employees easier. With the tap of a button, you can alert every staff or a specific team of your organization.

Auto Clock In/ Clock Out

With GPS, WiFi and other technologies, there is no need to clock in manually. Your clock in and clock out times are recorded automatically once you enter or leave your work premises.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the traditional means of attendance management systems will be phased out eventually in the near future. So wait no more and join the technology revolution by adapting WorkforceTime™ for your organization for a futuristic way of attendance management.