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WorkforceTime timesheets can be synced directly to your preferred payroll system. We have seamless integrations of technology with most industry-leading providers of payroll software.

Absolutely. WorkforceTime allows adding multiple branches at different locations so that employees can clock in and out using GPS methods.

We are proud that our customers range from small startups to larger organizations with a large number of workers. Our product and client experience team are equipped to meet your time management needs at phase of development.

By avoiding attendance machines, Workforcetime Eliminates the long queues in front of the punching machines. Useful information is provided right at the fingertip making it easier to access needed information without having to surf through tons of emails. WorkforceTime can be configured from anywhere. It requires only less users to manage this app.

WorkforceTime provides unique set of features including Alerts, news, team Monitoring,task assignment, location tracking, statistics and dashboard, and notifications to provide complete Employee management solution for your business.

WorkforceTime provides cutting-edge mobile technology, premium service and flexible solutions meet your business where you are.

Yes. To see if WorkforceTime is best fit for your company, you can register for a free trial. No obligation or credit card required.
For more details:

Once your trial ends, continue using WorkforceTime by upgrading to a higher level plan with payment. We have various pricing plans for every budget available.

Our number one priority is our clients, period. Our customer experience team knows that our reputation is directly linked to your results.

Our plans depend on your Enterprise . See all plans and features on our pricing page or Website:

Yes. The Manager can assign tasks to team members reporting to him. Manager can also monitor the task progress and work status of his subordinates.

Free plans are available. This plan however provides a free trial version for only 45 days after the user has to Upgrade.

If you want to change ownership please send us a message including who the owner is and who the new owner should be to

There is a provision in this application to send an alert to all employees simultaneously. They have to enable it in their settings.

The free version API is common and in some cases API is different for normal customers . All the necessary information is available here:

We do offer live demos. You can learn more about all of WorkforceTime Plan’s key features by watching the video available here:

Yes, there are no long-term contracts. You can choose to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your account at any time by logging into your WorkforceTime account.

Sure, it is possible to customize WorkforceTime software only if we found your requirement is valid. We do it if it needs to be personalized.

WorkforceTime App supports both Arabic and English. WorkforceTime admin panel as of now, only supports the English Language.

Any technology novice can accede as an expert to the features. In addition, in an effort to be the best in industry for our customer engagement, we are providing training to the company’s key person nominated, who will continue to provide training to other users.

Human Resource management is important for all organizations. We have ensured that WorkforceTime meets the business needs of all types of organizations whether they are startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, agencies or large companies.

When you create your first shift timing during the initial WorkforceTime setup, it is automatically assigned to all employees in your organization as the default shift timing or Shift management. You can schedule the shift for each user later also.

WorkforceTime is available on Web, iOS, and Android.

Yes. WorkforceTime tracks the work even if the user is not connected to the Internet. When the Internet connection is restored, the data will be uploaded onto the Internet.

Not to worry! These concerns almost always dissolve once employees understand how WorkforceTime works. Let us explain:

Besides helping employees to manage their time through prioritized task lists, WorkforceTime lets business owners & managers see how time is being spent. That means that once you install WorkforceTime, your manager will be able to see when you worked, how much time you spent on which projects & tasks. Managers can use this information to run their operation more effectively.

You will be asked to set a password for your account once your details are verified and your account created. You will be routed to the dashboard of your account once you set your password.
You can go through the App Tour from the dashboard to better comprehend the platform. You can also view or access our product documentation to learn about the workforceTime platform and its different features or our detailed demo videos.

Yes, your employees can log on to WorkforceTime from any location. WorkforceTime is a cloud-based platform that allows users to login from any location using mobile. Your attendance will be marked using your office/site GPS.

Yes, you can create multiple shift rules for your employees as per your organization’s policies.

We have integrated attendance with Payroll. The user views his latest salary slip with full details including the number of working days , total days, absent, lateIn etc..

Unfortunately no, The payroll section is under development and these features are available for future changes.

Yes, you can export all the information about your employees, attendance logs, leave logs and payroll logs from the WorkforceTime platform at any time.

For forgotten passwords, please use the Forgot my password functionality. Your username is the official email ID or number that you’ve signed up with. If you do not recollect your username, please write to with your company name and we will revert to you.