Plans & Pricings

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There are 3 kinds of plans namely, Free, Basic and Enterprise. As far as Mobile app is concerned the tariff is free for all these 3 plans. Payment is necessary only for Basic plan and Enterprise plan, that too only for web based backend services. 



Start a journey towards code-based design for free 45 Days Trial




This plan is free for both Mobile and Web access. However this plan offers only a 45 days free trial version after which user will have to either upgrade to a higher level plan with payment else he will have to exit the program altogether.

Basic Plan

Start a journey towards code-based design free for Mobile.


$1/Year $3/Year


This individual plan is free for Mobile. For the Web side, the individual user will have to pay 3 dollars per year.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is for an enterprise of having more than one employees, say for instance 50 employees.


This plan is free for Mobile side. For the Web side, the enterprise owner will have to personally contact the app owners to come to an agreement regarding payment details. The payment amount will vary from company to company depending on the company profit, company presence in market, employee count etc.