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WorkforceTime is designed to help organizations improve employee productivity in a smart and efficient way. Dealing with employee attendance is always a hard nut to crack foremost organizations. WorkforceTime brings you peace of mind by leveraging existing infrastructure and BYOD. No more latency or hygiene concerns of using traditional biometrics devices. No more long queues for your attendance marking. No matter you are online or offline, your attendance (At Work, Absent, Late In, Early Out, Overtime, etc.)is marked automatically when you are at your office or out of office! Employees are registered only once for entire site/branches, even if they are in different time zones. Features like Team Management, Company Information, News, and Personalized Alerts keep employees informed and enable them to collaborate efficiently. WorkforceTime is powered with a variety of functionalities that are essential to monitoring employees. This is a handy tool for managers on-site and on the go. Your field employees’ status is also available to you in real time.


We develop solutions that enhance human resources productivity by efficient employee engagement, monitoring and team collaboration in an easy and effective way.

Auto Clock In/Clock Out By WiFi

Once you reach your office/site Wi-Fi footprint, your attendance is marked automatically : no need to connect to Wi-Fi.

Manual Clock In/Clock Out With/Without GPS Or Wi-Fi

Do you want to follow a hygienic manual check in/ check out? This can be controlled using GPS or Wi-Fi fencing.

Multiple Shift Management

Employees’ overtime or punctuality or absenteeism are monitored for multiple shifts and multiple time zones. The in-app work calendar with weekends and holidays makes your life easier.

Company News/Announcements

Make your employees well informed about company news, events, or announcements. Ata single click, send messages to a specific group of people or all employees.

Public Or Personalized Alerts

It’s always useful to receive alerts prior to any event to make ourselves ready for it – be it company’s anniversary party, a public celebration, or a group contest. The App also allows to send personalized alerts when salary or loan disbursement is processed.

Public News Feeds Or Useful Links

Subscribe to any news feed and share it with all employees or a specific group of them.

Personalized Document Alerts

Configure your own personalized alerts for passport renewal, license expiry date, insurance ending date, school fees due date, etc. You can set alert interval per document.

Employee Productivity

WorkforceTime’s Statistics feature tracks and compares actual and planned hours of employees’ weekly or monthly work schedule.

Employee Status Report

View list of employees by Active, On Time, Vacation and Absent.

Weekly Actual Hours

Keep an eye on teams’ weekly actual Vs planned hours.

Daily Punch In/Out

View employees’ daily punch in behaviors like On Time, Late In, Early Exit.


Monitor absence behavior of your team or employee effectively.

Employee Profiles

View employee profile with statistics including overtime, absence, late in/early out for any period that you choose.

View Attendance Of Team

You can monitor attendance behavior of your team.


Share details with your manager or team using your mobile’s native sharing features.




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We develop solutions that enhance human resources productivity by efficient employee engagement, monitoring and team collaboration in an easy and effective way.

Our solutions are aimed at optimizing people’s efficiency at organizations of all sizes, be it enterprise class business houses with thousands of employees, mid-sized businesses, or small firms.

We have been leading the way in designing and developing innovative attendance and collaboration solutions that help employers manage, control and report employees’ presence or absence in real-time, thereby avoiding the risk of late capturing and delivering flawed data.

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