Are Bio-metric Devices Vulnerable to COVID19? Fighting Pandemic with Tech-Hygiene

How do you identify yourself when attending an event, meeting or even visiting an office or organisation? Most of us use a name card, ID Card or at times give out details like name, address, organisation, age and so on.

Consider the biometric devices used as part of the attendance system. Are they not artefacts to identify yourself as Employee, Contractor, Visitor or someone previously known to the company or organisation?

Often a situation arises where you are required to provide additional information about yourself. The most likely document that you will readily have will be your social security card, driving licence or employee ID. Let’s not fool ourselves by thinking that these are tamper proof documents. Identity thieves have long since found many ways to forge and duplicate these documents. Today it’s even easier to fake someone else’s identity particularly when physical documents are used.

These types of identification require physical interaction and in most cases the details will be recorded in a log register. Especially now when the world is focused on social distancing this can be a concerning issue when you consider queues or crowds. A small infection like one of the attendees having a flu can create panic due to the fear of possible spread of an epidemic.

Even the use of biometric machines for finger print or facial identification or retina scanning does not reduce the vulnerability towards hygiene and increase health hazard as social distancing norms may be compromised. This is not healthy in case of transmittable diseases like #COVID-19, #MERS, #SARS, #NIPAH, etc.

The digital front has its own issues. Consider the password, the traditional means of electronic identification. Though much more complex than ever before, even with the advent of multistage authentication it can still be insecure and less than safe. We should not forget that a single point hardware used for this purpose may at times malfunction.

This is where applications like WorkforceTime™ mobile app come in.

WorkforceTime™has been developed based on #BYOD concept integrated with NFC, QRCode, WiFi, Geofencing, self-verification & authentication, etc. WorkforceTime™will help eliminate delays of physical verification and nullifies the aforementioned issues.

In addition to the Multi Attendance Recording feature, the app is also enabled with an easy collaboration platform that can be used within your team through the mobile phones of employees, supervisors and managers even if they are located in different geo location and different time zone.

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