The Future of Attendance Management

When you are part of an organization, whether you are an employee or a manager, one thing you may already have realized is that Time is the most essential part of the organization. From coming and leaving office on time to delivering projects or finishing tasks on time, the clock plays a very important role in our lives. Essentially that is the reason why almost all of the organizations have implemented attendance marking systems.

Back in the days marking attendance was straight forward. You sign on a register every day when you enter the office premises. In larger organizations, it was an easy job to manipulate the register to falsify your actual working hours and entry time.

Fast forward a couple of years and we can see some technological advancements in attendance marking. Biometric devices like fingerprint scanner was a huge step forward. It made attendance marking almost foolproof preventing buddy punching and other hacks. But it had its own limitations and cons. Some of them to name are:

Can be only installed at stationary workplaces – For people working on site, it was not possible to mark the attendance since the punching machine needs to be mounted on a wall connected to electricity.

Hygiene Concerns – A lot of people are put off by the idea of fingerprint-based attendance devices since it raises a lot of hygienic concerns.

Bottlenecks – For bigger organizations, long queues may be formed near the punching device during the peak entry hours.

Expensive – Biometric devices don’t come in cheap. They are expensive to install and maintain.

Complex to Maintain – Non-technical people will have a hard time understanding the operations and configuration. Organizations are forced to hire experts just for managing the biometric devices.

It is evident that biometric devices still don’t solve a lot of problems. Then what is the answer? The millennials have a saying “Hey, there’s an app for that”. Guess what? There is an app that solves all these problems regarding Attendance management. WorkforceTime™ is designed to simplify the task of marking your attendance and make your life easier.

What is WorkforceTime™?

WorkforceTime™ is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS platforms to mark your attendance in a smart way. But what makes WorkforceTime™ special and superior compared to other means of attendance management systems? Let’s find out.

Auto Clock In/Clock Out By GPS/WiFi

Keep your mobile in your pocket. Your attendance will be marked using your office/site GPS/WiFi and relative radius. This eliminates the long queues. And even if you forget to clock in, the app will clock you in automatically.

Configurable for On-Site Attendance Marking

If your employees are working on different locations, all you have to do is enter the GPS coordinates of the worksite to make sure that your employees are there on time.

Easy To Install

Just download the app from play store and configure employees from the web dashboard, you are all set.

Lot of Insights

The app provides useful insights regarding attendance using various sorts of charts and graphs.

News and Alerts

Want to broadcast a message to your employees. Just type in and send. It’s that simple.

There are a whole lot of other features available on the WorkforceTime™ app. WorkforceTime™ is the smartest way for managing the attendance marking system. Mobile application based solutions are the future of attendance marking and WorkforceTime™ is leading the way with its amazing features.