Manage Branch/PoS

Attendance tracking between different branches

Manage Branch/PoS

WorkforceTime™ is designed to help organizations improve employee productivity in a smart and efficient way. Dealing with employee attendance is always a hard nut to crack foremost organizations

Provision to Add Branches

Manager has the provision to add details of different branches under his organization. He can add details such as number of employees working under different branches, their rank and position. Whether an employee works for a single branch or multiple branches etc.

Attendance Tracking between different branches

An employee might be working in different branches in a day especially sales people. For example an employee will be working for 3 hours in branch A, 3 hours in Branch and 2 hours in branch C. Hence his clock in/clock out status for all these branches will be effectively tracked and coordinated by WorkforceTime™. The approximate time of travel between different branches will also be taken into consideration when calculating the attendance hours of the employee.