Leave Management

Approve employee clock in-out requests

User can manage leaves or various absence by defining proper Task and with its respective approvals

Employee will have the provision to apply for leaves through this app. Once applied the leave information will come as a notification to the employee’s Line Manager who will then have to approve or reject the leave application.

Adjusting employee attendance entries

User can advice late entry adjustment from Supervisor screen

In the case of an exceptional scenario, say the supervisor is well aware that his subordinate will be arriving late to the office on a certain day but there is a valid reason for his late arrival, then the supervisor himself can manually adjust the late entry.

manual clockin with GPS

User manage late entry from Clock in/out requests

In the case of late entry, employee can post a clock in request to his supervisor explaining the reason for his late arrival. If the supervisor feels the reason is valid he can approve the request else he can reject it.