Employee Attendance

An exceptionally simple app that tracks employee attendance data and can be used by all kinds of users ranging from a novice to a techno-savvy person.

Employee attendance monitoring

Supervisor can mark attendance

There are 3 ways in which the supervisor can monitor the attendance of employees working under him. One way would be manual by which the supervisor himself can enter the clock in/ clock out status of his subordinates. The 2nd way would be by making use of NFC mechanism. The 3rd way is by making use of QR code technology. The moment any employee clock in/clock out, his respective supervisor will immediately will get the notification with time details. This enables better tracking of employee efficiency and punctuality by the supervisor. For this type of attendance marking, the employees working under the supervisor will mark their attendance using his/her own unique QR code.

Validation with fingerprint

Validation with Fingerprint, Face or Geofence

Validation with Fingerprint, Face or Geofence has started to gain more prominence nowadays. Advantage of using these technologies is that most types of malpractices (for example, faking attendance using a proxy) can be prevented. Also employees who work remotely can mark their attendance using Geofence.

manual clockin with GPS

Manual clock in/clock out with/without GPS or WiFi

The moment the employee enters the vicinity of his office, he has the option to clock in using any mode of his choice. Though automatic clock in using WiFi or GPS is generally preferred by most employees, manual clock in mechanism is also provided as a convenience for some users who are not that familiar with the usage of latest HiFi cell phone gadgets.

Auto clockin using WiFi

Auto clock in or clock out using WiFi

Facilitates an automatic clock in/clock out the mechanism for the user with the aid of GPS. If the employee is within the range of the GPS set up in the office, then the location will get automatically tracked by the device and his clock in/clock out status will get updated instantly without the need of any manual updation from the employee’s side.

Auto clock in or clock out using GPS

Auto clock in or clock out using GPS

An automatic clock in/clock out procedure for the user with the backing of GPS technology. If the employee is within proximity limits of his office, then his location will get automatically tracked via GPS and his clock in/clock out status will get updated instantly to the server without the need for any manual updation from the employee’s side.

Attendance marking using NFC card

Using NFC for mark attendance

This App also uses NFC (acronym for Near Field Communication) technology for marking employee attendance. This task is done with the aid of a sensor established in the office. The moment the employee comes within the proximity radius of the sensor, his attendance will be tracked automatically. The same applies when the employee leaves the office premises as well.

Attendance marking using employee QR code

Clock in or clock out using QR Code

QR code is another technology widely in use nowadays to track employee attendance. Attendance marking mechanism using QR code is possible in two ways. One way would be that each employee has an ID card containing an individual unique QR code. When entering and leaving the office premises, the employee will use this unique QR code to clock in/clock out. Another possible way would be that the office will have a QR code of its own which is common for all employees. Employees entering and leaving the office will have to scan this QR code to mark their attendance. Advantage of using QR code mechanism for marking attendance is that you can create ID cards easily and quickly and it costs you literally nothing. Furthermore it takes you just a few minutes to create an ID card

Support Ticket

Raise Support ticket

Facility to raise support tickets by both the users of the App as well as the developers engaged in the coding and deployment of the App. By raising support tickets, the users/developers can get their queries answered quickly by the concerned staff without any delay or other hassles.

Attendance statistics in a map

View Attendance in Map

Employee can view his attendance statistics in a map/bar chart/pie chart and get an overall picture regarding his work efficiency and punctuality.

Attendance statistics

Not just for the supervisor alone, the employee himself can also track his attendance and punctuality details; and can get comprehensive information regarding his leave details, apply for leave, and get an overall assessment regarding his work efficiency.

Auto clock in and clock out

Daily attendance – Auto

Attendance history of the employee can be easily tracked by his concerned supervisor. Whenever the employee clock in/clock out, his status will be promptly sent to the supervisor as a notification. Supervisor can track the attendance and punctuality details of all the employees reporting to him. He can also effortlessly approve/reject leave applications for the employees working under him.

Employee screen sharing

Share Screen

Employee can share his screen with his supervisor or admin so as to update his location and work status. The format of screen sharing is currently under discussion.

Employee export the attendance details

Export Time Sheet

Employee can export his attendance details to the supervisor. The format of the export file would be excel or pdf.

Employee work update Status

Update Work Status

Employee can easily update his work status with his concerned supervisor using this App. The format of his updation is currently under discussion.

DA with multiple combination

DA with multiple combination

Employee has the freedom to choose the type of clock in/clock out mechanism as per his convenience. He can either go for manual updation, or opt for using latest technologies like QR code/NFC/Fingerprint/Face/Geofence or maybe a combination of 2 or more methods mentioned above.