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WorkforceTime™ is designed to help organizations improve employee productivity in a smart and efficient way. Dealing with employee attendance is always a hard nut to crack foremost organizations. WorkforceTime™ brings you peace of mind by leveraging existing infrastructure and BYOD. No more latency or hygiene concerns of using traditional biometrics devices.

  • Auto clock in or clock out using WiFi
  • Auto clock in or clock out using GPS
  • Manual clock in/clock out with/without GPS or WiFi
  • Using NFC for mark attendance
  • Clock in or clock out using QR Code
  • Validation with Fingerprint, Face or Geofence
  • Supervisor can mark attendance
  • Attendance statistics
  • Share Screen
  • Export Time Sheet
  • Monitor Team
  • Mark attendance
  • Adjust attendance entries
  • Mark attendance by Employee QR Code
  • Mark attendance by Employee NFC card
Tasks and Alerts
  • Assign Task to Line Manager
  • Update Task progress
  • Assign Task to Team Members
  • Manage Personalize Tasks/Alerts
  • User can manage leaves or various absence by defining proper Task and with its respective approvals
  • User can advice late entry adjustment from Supervisor screen
  • User manage late entry from Clock in/out requests

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