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No more latency or hygiene concerns of using traditional biometrics devices. No more long queues for your attendance marking.


WorkforceTime is designed to help organization to improve employee productivity in efficient and smart way. Attendance is always recognized as headache for most of the organizations.

Auto Clock In/Clock Out By GPS

Keep your mobile in your pocket. Your attendance will be marked using your office/site GPS and relative radius.

Auto Clock In/Clock Out By Wi-Fi

Once you reach your office/site Wi-Fi footprint, your attendance is marked automatically : no need to connect to Wi-Fi.

Clock In/Clock Out By Controlled QR Code

Through a single snap from your mobile camera, daily generated unique QR Code will ensure employees are in office/site.

Manual Clock In/Clock Out With/Without GPS Or Wi-Fi

Do you want to follow a hygienic manual check in/ check out? This can be controlled using GPS or Wi-Fi fencing.

Supervisor Can Mark Attendance For His Or Her Team Members

Whether a worker is in field or at shop floor, his or her super visor can access their teams Daily/Weekly/Monthly timesheet. The App allows supervisors to mark their teams attendance accordingly.

Multiple Shift Management

Employees overtime or punctuality or absenteeism are monitored for multiple shifts and multiple time zones. The in-app work calendar with weekends and holidays makes your life easier.

Company News/Announcements

Make your employees well informed about company news, events, or announcements. Ata single click, send messages to a specific group of people or all employees.

Public News Feeds Or Useful Links

Subscribe to any news feed and share it with all employees or a specific group of them.

Public Or Personalized Alerts

It is always useful to receive alerts prior to any event to make ourselves ready for it be it companys anniversary party, a public celebration, or a group contest. The App also allows to send personalized alerts when salary or loan disbursement is processed.

Personalized Document Alerts

Configure your own personalized alerts for passport renewal, license expiry date, insurance end date, school fees due date, etc. You can set alerts for each document.

Employee Productivity

WorkforceTime's Statistics feature tracks and compares actual and planned hours of employees weekly or monthly work schedule.

Daily Punch In/Out

View employees daily punch in behaviors like On Time, Late In, and Early Exit.

Employee Status Report

View list of employees by Active, On Time, Vacation and Absent.

Absenteeism (Most Absent Employees List)

Monitor absence behavior of your team or employee effectively.

Weekly Actual Hours

Keep an eye on teams weekly actual Vs planned hours.

Employee Profiles

View employee profile with statistics including overtime, absence, late in/early out for any period that you choose.

Feature To Share, Export, Email

Export all reports to Excel or share via email.

My Profile & Team

View each members profile with relevant demographic and contact information. You can drilldown till the last employee as per your organization chart.

View Attendance Of Team

You can monitor attendance behavior of your team.

Working Schedule

You can view each teams shifts/schedules for a given period. Attendances are marked against respective schedules.