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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes.You can add alerts through the system
Home   >   Publish  >  Alerts

You can see the alerts on the bottom of home screen

Yes.You can add multiple allerts
You should create type of allert
No.You cant add images
Yes.You can deactivate allerts
you can create alert type in alert master

Admin can send alert messages like ID expiry to employee


You can create the username and password to access the mobile app from employee master page

You can get overtime hours based on your attendance and scheduled shift

From the schedule manager you can assign the schedule for each employee
Home >  Masters   > Shifts
Using employee master you can create new employees
Home  >   Employee  >  Employee
Administrator can punch behalf of employee or supervisor can add on behalf of emplyee for a limitted period (3 days – y’day, today and tomorrow)
System will find the late and early hours by using daily attenadance.Also user can view their working hours from the mobile app
Auto,manual,QR code,WiFi, Supervisor and also from backend
From the branch you can add multiple locations
Home   >   Masters  >  Branch
User can mention a day as holiday in shift master
Yes.You can get the location history of employee between a specific period
Yes.Multiple shifts are available in the system


You can download it from App store or Play store or you can visit our website.Below you can find the link

Yes.Detail information you get it from below link
There are many loopholes in the application from where application can get hacked. To make our developed application more secure – we use below things:
1) To make the data transmission secure we are using authentication token system so that input/output is do not get hacked.
2) For making the data storage secured we encrypt the sensitive data.
It will support in the following os.For android 4.1 and above and for ios 9.0 and above
Yes.Detail information you get it from below link
Normally the services are activated in 1-2 days after payment. It may warry deponds on the working days and mode of licence
Yes.You can view multiple reports
Home    >  Other Reports
It will support all the browsers which supports html5
Based on settings system will monitor your activities.Late,Overtime and Absent of employee you can track

From the mobile app you can request the support.You can get the support from our website also.

Yes.It will work offline for attendane
Yes.English and Arabic languages are available
You can change the language from settings
Home   >  Employee  >  Employee

Android or ios support mobile and a windows server

You can check our website for detail.
Yes.Export available in system

After the installation process complete admin  should create the employees from backend and also give the permissions to access the app.

Notification will come in home screen of mobile app

Admin create the employee details from employee master and give the permissions

Every active employee can  use the app.Only they need access and admin can give the access

From User master screen
The user with approve permission

Home > Settings > User creation

Supervisor can mark the attendance of employees under him

Direct print,csv,excel,pdf,copy are the options

Home  > Employee  > Attendance Schedule


Detail information you can get from our website
Based on your license
Please check our website for more detail

It is based on your license


Yes.You can add news throght the system
Home   >   Publish   >  News
From home screen in mobile app
You should create the type of news
Yes .You can add images
Multiple images can upload
Yes.You can Deactivate the news
User can create the type


By using settings you can enable
From employee master screen
Yes .You can add multiple locations for an employee
From settings you can change the language
From shift master you can add shifts.
From employee master screen you can set.
From employee master screen you can set.

Home > Employee > QR Code